The Empowerment Evolution

Humans are naturally hardwired for negativity. Negative events have a greater impact on our brains than positive ones – the term coined for this is negativity bias. We are more likely to remember traumas and insults than we are positive events and praise. And yes, we are more likely to dwell on bad news than good.  In the year 2020 it would be amazing if our default mode was positivity, however a positive mind set isn’t what kept us safe as we were evolving. Being hyper-attentive to danger and threats was a lot more beneficial in the stone age than it is now. So after thanking our brain for attempting to keep us safe, it is our job to fight this bias by looking at the facts, nipping negative self talk and rumination in the bud, and making a conscious effort to savor positive moments. Despite  inheriting some aspects of the caveman brain, luckily we also have scientists who uncovered that it is never too late to rewire our brains and create new neural pathways – independent of what age we are. One way to battle negativity bias is positive recollection. My favorite method of positive recollection was taught to me by my mentor Dr. Aymee Coget, and it is my pleasure to share it as I believe its benefits are vast. Every night before falling asleep, ask yourself ‘What are 3 good things that happened today, and how did I contribute to them?’ The beauty of this is you get to drift off remembering the best aspects of your day… seems like good brain chemistry to me. Another variation of this can be used during dinner time with your child or partner. Instead of asking, ‘how was school’ or ‘how was work’, you can ask them what their favorite part of their school/workday was. By fostering positive recollection, your loved ones will begin to notice the positive experiences as they are happening – and be more present during them, and as a bonus you will gain a deeper understanding of what your loved ones truly value. When I started incorporating this practice in my life, it boosted my optimism and had a profound impact on my sense of gratitude. I invite you to incorporate this practice in your life and be a part of the empowerment evolution – people who choose positivity despite negativity bias. 



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