‘Emily has taught me how to implement what I WANT my life to be.’

Before working with Emily I felt like I was worthless. I felt angry. I felt like I was marginalized as a woman in business, and that I didn’t have a chance to be happy in any relationship because I just. wasn’t. good. enough….. 

I want to share the following revelations that I know in my heart I wouldn’t have come to without engaging her as my coach:

  • When I refrain from drinking, and have a balanced brain, I barely have anxiety
  • I can be empowered over my impulses (I am spontaneous rather than impulsive!)
  • Patience is a virtue
  • Having an attitude of gratitude can change perception and attracts good karma
  • “I shall not tell *white* lies” – this has made me authentic. I don’t have to pretend
  • I can ask for what I really want, and that builds integrity within myself, and with others in my life
  • My work relationships have strengthened (as a result of being more authentic, amongst other things)
  • If I can change my thoughts, I can change anything
  • The past can be left in my past, and does not have to define my present/future
  • Anger can be used as a spark to do something useful
  • If you remove your ego, you can be truly happy

I hope anyone who feels the way that I did gathers the courage to choose themselves, and Emily as their coach. The transformational tools she’ll teach you, and the way she teaches them can change the way you think about yourself. And that my friends, is the most important thing of all. Love you Emily and thank you for everything.


Lauren Jones, Insurance Consultant











I am so thankful to have Emily as my coach and guide, especially during these unprecedented times. Under her tutelage, I have recognized that with a few, subtle adjustments to how I think and feel, I can control my happiness — simply by living in the moment with gratitude and self-acceptance.

Emily’s energy and thoughtfulness, coupled with her calming and pleasant nature, have allowed me to open up and accept who I am as a husband, father, son and colleague.

In a short period of time, Emily has masterfully equipped me with a variety of exercises, concepts and tools which I can leverage any time I become preoccupied or get in a slump. I appreciate Emily with all my heart.

Johnathan Avidan, PMP, CSM

Emily will enhance your life! Whether you are ready to tackle the goals you never dreamed of achieving or if you are ready to say goodbye to depression, anxiety and ADD, she is surely going to make a difference in your life.

She is ready to put you on a path with determination, inspiration, accountability and most of all one that will get results. I highly recommend Emily if you are ready to take your life to the next level!

Emily knows her stuff! She has put in 1000s of hours to perfect the art of coaching with positive psychology and Reiki. I have only heard life changing and affirming testimonials from those who are lucky to be able to work with Emily. She is destined to improve and uplift your life out of stress and distress into peace and joy! Hire her today!

Dr. Aymee Coget, CEO Happiness for Humankind

I’ve had the pleasure and the opportunity to receive reiki healing and happiness coaching from Emily.

She is a master of her craft. Her soothing nature allowed me to always feel at ease. She has this aura about her that made me feel safe, allowing me the opportunity to open up.

I absolutely recommend anyone to try a session with Emily. She truly cares about you and wants to help you find your inner peace. 

Ian Balaban, Project Manager

“I had the pleasure of working with Emily for some happiness coaching. Wow. 

She has made such a meaningful impact on my life in a very short period of time. I am impressed not only by the vibe she brings, but also the great tools for success that she has bestowed upon me.

I highly recommend Emily for anyone that may want to explore some tactics for improving and maintaining happinesss in ones life. 

-Anthony McDonough

My Distance Reiki sessions and Distance Reiki Attunements with Emily have been profoundly insightful.

During and after sessions, she often says the perfect words to get me to relax deeper and continue creating balance and healing in myself long after the sessions are complete.

Anyone who gets to work with Emily and receive her healings would be smart to consider themselves blessed.

Jewel Baker, Licensed Massage Therapist 

Even over the phone, Emily was able to create a safe and relaxing space. Her 30-minute Reiki was cleansing, and her notes during the process have been insightful and helpful.

I have worked with her a couple times and am looking forward so working with Emily more to help me clear the clutter in my mind and focus on what serves me in the present. Thank you for your commitment to better others Emily.

Nicole Scambia, Nutritionist and Fitness Instructer

I’ve had the honor and pleasure to receive reiki healing from Emily and strongly recommend her services to anyone around the globe.  Our distant reiki healing session (since we live in different locations) was incredibly peaceful, balancing, and everything I needed in that moment. 

Her kind, loving nature made me feel relaxed straight away, and it was very easy to coordinate an appropriate time to do our session even with my packed schedule. 

The benefits of our time together continued onwards unlike many other modalities of healing I’ve received. She even incorporated helpful coaching into our session which I was very grateful for, as well.

As a Reiki Master, I am particular about who I entrust to hold space for my own healing and can say with the utmost confidence that you are in good hands (literally and figuratively) with Emily. We need more bright lights like her doing this powerful, transformative work, and I’m positive that any time with Emily will surely add more peace, alignment, and shine to your life as well as the world around you!

Jessie Boote, Reiki Master

If you are looking to increase your happiness, improve your life, and manifest your dreams all while healing your mind, body and soul, look no further than Emily Oliver’s Reiki and Distance Reiki healing sessions.

Over the past few months, these sessions have helped give me the ability to access the strength and power I always knew I possessed. Her work is truly inspirational and her love and dedication to her clients is unsurpassed!!! <3 

Jessica Titian, Entrepreneur

"Working with Emily has been so helpful in reinforcing positive thinking in complicated times. I was so excited to receive remote reiki which was magical and needed. To my delight I found her coaching techniques invaluable. Been on the happiness training for years. I am happy to say that I have found another notch up in the positive psychology journey I am on thanks to Emily’s help. Thank you so much Emily!"

Julia Tennyson, Graphic Designer

"Emily is such a wonderful coach and support! Her energy is warm and her strategies are enjoyable and effective. I have worked with her a couple times and each time I come away learning something new about myself and having more tools to boost my happiness and self love. I am extremely grateful to know her, and to experience such amazing and powerful work! Thank you Emily!"

Madison Sharp, LCSW

"I had a tele session with Emily and I found it to be relaxing and cleansing. Emily certainly has a special gift. Within the first few minutes of our reiki session I was able to breathe easier taking deeper breaths, felt lighter and softer, and was more relaxed than I have been in months. It was engaging, purifying, and comforting to have Emily work with me. At the end of our session during our debrief, Emily gave me helpful tools and tasks to use to maintain my space and protect my energy. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to open up their energetic space and invite in healing and peace."

Marie Gnall, Nurse Practitioner