Programs and Offerings

Happiness Makeover®

Developed by: Dr. Aymee Coget Happiness for HumanKind

  • Is now the time to stop letting the ‘new normal’ impede your happiness?
  • Are you ready for a happiness immersion in your daily life? 
  • Would you like to become empowered over how you feel and respond to circumstances?
  • This is the only course that addresses the conscious and subconscious mind, to enable overall sustainable well-being
  • This course can be completed from anywhere anywhere in the world
  • Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar – Harvard University’s first happiness professor and author of NYT Bestseller ‘Happier’ stated: Happiness for HumanKind has taken the science of happiness and made it accessible to all.  They bring energy, passion, and joy to the work, while drawing on research to provide practical advice.  If you want to experience more energy, passion, and joy in your life—whatever it is that you do—follow this system.
  • Classes alternate between happiness science and subconscious healing and 120 minutes in length.

Payment plans available. Ask about referral rewards.


    • Empowerment over mental health
    • Mastery over positive mood
    • Resiliency tools
    • Daily fitness & weight loss
    • Cleansing & brain chemistry balancing
    • Spiritual healing of the heart, past/present emotions, and the spirit or soul
    • Conflict resolution 
    • Understand your strengths to be your most authentic self 
    • Improved communication


    • Reduces stress & anxiety
    • Improves concentration & symptoms of ADD/ADHD
    • Improves health & energy levels
    • Enhances empathy & relationships
    • Discover a more meaningful path filled with purpose
    • Take pride in using your strengths 
    • Actualize and find pleasure in your authentic self
    • Can help with leadership goals, conflict resolution, mediation, career, spiritual guidance and goal achievement.


    • Empowerment
    • Positive Mood 
    • Resiliency
    • Contentment
    • Bliss
    • Fitness & Nutrition
    • Energy Healing
    • On demand support (In the moment coaching and support for challenges between classes)


12 weekly 2 hour classes.

“The Happiness Makeover Program was a total reset for my mind, body, and spirit. It really helped me to get clear about how important my happiness is, how to create it, how to maintain it even while facing life’s challenges, and how to share my happiness with others in ways that allow them to be authentically themselves.

The introspection and communications done during the program really encouraged me to create and enjoy lovely relationships with myself and others. It improved every aspect of my life.

Having Emily’s heart-centered and compassionate support during such a life-changing program was nothing short of profound.”

Jewel Baker

LMT, and Relief Empowerment Coach

“Are you, or is someone you know feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just lost? Are you a depleted young professional or a stressed perfectionist? If so, Emily of Goals Garden Coaching and Reiki, can help you!

Through her guidance and coaching she’ll walk you through the foundations of sustainable happiness; empowerment, positive mood and resiliency. She applies the latest in Positive Psychology research to practical everyday exercises to enhance your happiness. Then she builds from the foundation to sustain that happiness through contentment and bliss exercises.

With the addition of the reiki healings and attunements, the Happiness Makeover is the whole package. Emily is so professional, passionate and caring with her clients. I highly recommend that you contact her today to improve your life!”

Azure Kraxberger-Unger

Career & Performance Consultant

“This program encourages people to look at core strengths and values, and encourages them to become the fullness of who they are. I found myself truly becoming happier, more energized, and motivated to pursue my life goals.”

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Diplomat, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology


Upward Spiral

Developed by: Dr. Aymee Coget Happiness for HumanKind

  • Become empowered to choose happiness, create positive moods and increase your emotional resiliency.
  • This course has an integrated approach which offers an immersion experience that can be completed from anywhere in the world.

  • The material in this course has been praised by one of the worlds leading positive psychologists – Sonja Lyubomisky who was awarded the Top 50 Scientists award from Business Insider in 2015.
  • Classes alternate between happiness science and subconscious healing and are 120 minutes in length.

    Payment plans available. Ask about referral rewards.


  • Empowerment over mental health

  • Mastery over positive mood

  • Resiliency tools

  • Daily fitness & weight loss

  • Cleansing & brain chemistry balancing

  • Spiritual healing of the heart & past/present emotions


  • Enhances overall work performance

  • Reduces stress & anxiety

  • Improves concentration & ADD/ADHD

  • Boosts mood & eases depression

  • Improves health & energy levels

  • Enhances empathy & relationships


  • Positive Psychology

  • Empowerment

  • Positive Mood & Resiliency

  • Fitness & Nutrition

  • Energy Healing

  • On demand support (“In the moment” coaching and support for challenges between classes)

6 weekly 2 hour classes

“This system helped me change my mental attitude and the way I respond to nearly every situation that occurs in my life, from the horribly unexpected to the insanely awesome. I am also more healthy, energetic, and have returned to my original passions in life, art and creativity.”

Eric Hubner


“Now having completed the Upward Spiral my energy and enthusiasm for life has double, maybe even tripled.

My confidence is consistently much higher and my ability to stay present in the moment, to feel joy and contentment and accept things without judgment has completely transformed.

I’m making significant progress in my business and other major life goals, all of which were stalled prior to the Upward Spiral.”

Dan Fishman

Clinical Hypnotist, NLP Educator


“The Upward Spiral program changed my life!”

Tracy Rosenthal-Newsom

Digital Health Product Executive



Garden Groundwork

  • You will be a part of the leading edge movement of positive psychology application in the real world 
  • Our coaching relationship caters to your best interests and is built through integrity and persistence
  • You will feel safe and supported as we work together to reveal your greatest potential
  • New resources and skills are constantly being implemented with your best interests in mind

 Ask about referral rewards.


  • To feel better
  • Manage your thoughts and create positive actions and desired results

  • Uncover specifics of what is holding you back from stepping into your power

  • Respond to circumstances instead of reacting 


  • Enhances ability to deal with the stressors of life

  • Increased awareness around what you can change versus what needs to be accepted

  • Boosts mood & eases depression
  • More enjoyable personal and professional experiences


  • Positive psychology

  • Empowerment over thoughts and actions

  • Resiliency tools to use in the face of setbacks

  • Self-coaching for day to day management

12 or 24 weekly 60 or 90 minute sessions

For the first time in years I’m giving therapy and life coaching a chance, at last tackling a complicated history with happiness, mental health concerns and other inconsistencies. I am extremely encouraged by our weekly sessions, life lessons and outcomes both long-term and immediate. Emily is a genuine soul providing a great service — I encourage anyone searching for something new and sustainable to immediately reach out to Goals Garden Coaching and Reiki and schedule a session!

Ryan Praefke


Reiki Healing

  • In Japanese Rei means universal and Ki means energy. Reiki harnesses the universes energy to provide healing.
  • Reiki is an egoless practice and the healing arises from the interaction between Reiki and the receiver alone.
  • For Distance Reiki the energy is magnified using a rose quartz crystal grid.
  • Distance Reiki is a safe, effective way to send healing without having to be in-person. 

Healing sessions are 60 minutes. Ask about referral rewards.


  • To feel better and experience stress relief

  • To address mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances

  • To work on an intention revealed from the heart when desired 
  • Engage in alternative healing with zero negative side effects





  • It can aid in relieving the side effects of acute or chronic illnesses such as migraine headaches, hypertension, back aches, joint aches or injuries
  • It has been medically proven to reduce blood pressure, lower respiration and heart rates, slow bleeding and reduce stress


  • Intention setting from heart

  • Guided relaxation and grounding

  • Interactive or silent healing depending on preference

  • Energy separation and de-brief

  • Any questions that may arise after the healing can be addressed in writing or phone call


$80 for 1 session. $350 for 5 sessions.  $600 for 10 sessions.

Distance Reiki is 20% off prices reflected above.

Working with Emily has been a wonderful experience. She is a natural healer, and our distance Reiki sessions have helped to guide me into a new state of confidence and balance. Her intuition is on point – during one Reiki healing, I was unsure what type of Reiki session I wanted (meditative or collaborative). She picked up on my uncertainty and worked with me on making sure I was listening to my heart and selecting what would be right for me. She is a great listener and it’s apparent that she loves what she does! She is a perfect mix of non-judgmental support + guiding you to connect more with your Chakras. I definitely recommend Reiki with Emily and am lucky to be able to work with her!

Jenny Cook


Reiki Training

  • The world is in need of healers now more than ever
  • Are you ready to step into the light and unleash your inner healer?
  • Discover a powerful tool for self-healing
  • Provide life-changing, impactful healing help to the whole world

Classes are 120 minutes. Levels are spaced by 3 or 4 weeks for observation of 21 day chakra cleanse. 


  • Become a Usui Reiki Level I, II, III or Master

  • To discover a powerful self healing tool
  • Learn how and when to give yourself Reiki 
  • Learn the properties of the chakras 


  • Reiki I  – Healing of the Spiritual Heart

  • Reiki II – Emotional Healing
  • Reiki III – Healing of the Spirit or Soul
  • Reiki Master – Enter Lower Nirvana & become a teacher
  • Higher energetic vibration and tools to protect it 


  • Homework/Questions review
  • Symbol review / Handout
  • 21 day chakra cleanse preparation
  • Healing & Attunement
  • Certificate to be e-mailed out after 21 day chakra cleanse completion
  • Learn how to create & charge Reiki crystal grid (In Reiki III Class)


Cost: Reiki I: $200  • Reiki II: $250 • Reiki III without Master: $300 • Reiki III with Master: $500

Cost Total: All 3 Levels + Master: $950

HALF PRICE RECOMMENDED OFFER: One 60 minute session per week for check-in & healing: ONLY $40 

I had an amazing experience with Emily’s distant Reiki healings and distant Reiki Attunements. I literally live on the other side of the world (in Siberia, Russia), yet I had very deep and transformative healing sessions, even my body responded to what Emily was saying during those healings! After each attunement there was a Chakra Cleanse that made a big positive impact on my physical, mental and emotional state. I’m like a new person right now. I’m grateful to Emily for taking me as a client despite my being so far away. Emily’s voice alone is a magic tool! It’s soothing, healing, loving and simply beautiful.

Anastasia Grokholskaya

ESL Teacher

Amare® – The Mental Wellness Company

  • Human’s possess 3 brains. The cerebral or thinking brain, the heart or feeling brain, and the gut or sensing brain. They are all important when it comes to mental wellness.
  • Most of the “feel good” neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin are produced in the gut and Amare is best known for re-setting the gut micro-biome.
  • Their supplements fall into the categories of stress resilience, confidence/weight, gut health and mental fitness.
  • Products are all natural, of the highest quality and integrity, and are even safe for children.
  • Book a discovery session or take the mental fitness test to find what product is right for you.

Special Offerings


Has office morale taken a turn for the worse?

Does it seem like complaining and office politics seem more at the forefront than collaboration and creativity?

Does it seem like the energy that once fueled fast paced productivity has turned into stress?

Workplace Wellness:

  • Reduces cost of sick leave by 19% 
  • Increases performance and productivity by 31%
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression 23%
  • Results in happier clients and partners




Are you ready to uplift your life?

Are you unsure where to begin, what time commitment is needed or where to focus?

Are any of the following areas holding you back? Forgiveness, authenticity, beliefs, self-esteem, fear, anger, anxiety, boundary setting, grief. 

Areas to customize:

  • Topics
  • On-call support
  • Session length
  • Session cadence
  • Session location

Pricing varies – Book a Consultation to learn more!