Mindset Magic

Just knowing that our brains are wired to keep us alive is a huge help to me. When I notice fear and resistance creeping in, I gently thank my brain for doing its job, and remind it that my goal is to feel alive rather than stay alive.

I just finished participating in a Napoleon Hill ‘Think and Grow Rich’ mastermind, and felt called to write about mindset.

As an entrepreneur I strive to have a growth mindset, I strive to always have an abundance mindset to invite more abundance into my life, because our brains are wired to have a scarcity mindset. What this means is that when we come from a place of want, we will always want more and feel like we do not have enough. If our mindset is that we already have what we need and then some, we will invite more into our life to be grateful for.

Do you struggle with perseverance? Does the success of others make you feel small instead of inspired? Do you constantly question how others see you? Do you get defensive when others give you feedback?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are not alone. Breathe a sigh of relief because you can always change your mindset. Your brain is changing and forming new neural pathways everyday. You will be amazed by how small mindset changes can lead to big results.

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